“Shaps led the build of our first iOS app and did a fantastic job. He’s extremely experienced, was able to contribute to all areas from architecture to UI interactions, and worked hard. This led the project to be a big success for the business. Highly recommended.”

— Kieran O’Neill CEO & Co-Founder at Thread

“Shaps is clearly an expert in the whole iOS field. I found him pragmatic and efficient to work with during our project at Hive. I would definitely work with him again and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

— Tom Evans Consultancy + Creativity for Brand, Business, Technology • Non-Exec/Advisor • Mentor/Coach • Founder/Entrepreneur

“Shaps was a very experienced IOS developer brought in from TAB to support the development of the Yubl application. He was essential to getting the IOS team organised enabling them to deliver the 1st version of the application. He is an extremely technical IOS developer with excellent leadership skills. Shaps always endeavours to learn the las test technologies and the best way of doing things.”

— Lloyd Asamoah Freelance Automation tester/Developer in Test at Faboriginal LTD

“Shaps is great at solving complex problems, with imaginative solutions. I loved working with him for the value he brings in client facing workshops, as well as whilst part of the same project team.”

— Antonia Walt (Redgrove) Service Delivery Lead at AND Digital, Club Dekker

“Shaps is a top notch engineer. You know that whole thing about 300% better, thats him. He knows the iOS ecosystem intimately. He is passionate about the craft and is constantly striving to make things better by making them simpler. Going through his code is an absolute pleasure, if code could sing.. his would.”

— Leon Gauhman Founder and CPO/CSO at Elsewhen